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Short Learning Programme

Advanced Supply Chain Management

NQF Level: 7

Duration: 3 days or 6 months
Successful logistics and supply chain management is based on sound development, evaluation and implementation of logistic and supply chain principles.
This short learning programme will suit Individuals who want to gain relevant knowledge, skills and applied competence to participate in the strategic management of the supply chain. The aim of this SLP is to equip the student with knowledge and skills for supply chain performance, supply chain drivers and metrics, demand forecasting, aggregate planning, sales and operation planning, coordination in a supply chain, sourcing decisions and information technology in the supply chain.

After successful completion of this short learning programme, successful students will be able to:

  • Discuss the various issues to consider when designing, planning or operating a supply chain
  • Describe how to create a strategic fit between a competitive strategy and a supply chain strategy
  • Understand the impact that creating a strategic fit between an organisation’s competitive strategy and a supply chain strategy will have on competitiveness
  • Explain the importance of expanding the scope of strategic fit from one operation within a company to all stages of the supply chain
  • Define the logistical and cross functional drivers of a supply chain
  • Describe how the drivers of a supply chain are used in design, planning and operation of the supply chain
  • Identify the key metrics that track the performance of the supply chain in terms of each driver
  • Understand the role that forecasting plays in the supply chain
Admission Requirements
You should have intermediate knowledge and/or experience to be able to cope with the advanced programme.

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Please note: Prospective students over 23 years of age who do not meet the minimum requirements could apply to the Registrar for possible admission through Recognition of Prior Learning or gain approval to complete the OLG Higher Education Access Modules


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