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Coaching and Mentoring

This programme will benefit individuals who are involved in assisting and supporting learners. Individuals who provide a basic level o fsupport to learners about learning and assessment needs such as Human Resource managers and supervisors.

Skills Development Facilitator

This programme intends to empower potential SDF’s who will oversee or manage education, training and skills development within an organisation according to agreed development plans and legislation.

Train the Trainer

The purpose of this programme is to learn how to plan and prepare a learning event, as well as to facilitate programmes, using a range of methods and techniques.


This programme is intended for conducting internal and external moderation of outcomes-based assessments.


In this programme, learners will learn how to conduct and review assessments in their field of expertise, individuals who provide a basic level of support to learners about learning and assessment needs, such as HR managers and supervisors, will benefit from this programme

Wholesale and Retail Distribution

The Certificate is designed for learners who are already employed and involved in the major areas of the distribution field and who want to pursue a career in the wholesale and retail industry, or in fields where this learning may be useful.

Supply Chain Management

This programme engages the learner in the processes and inter-relationships across the supply chain environment. It improves supply chain management within the organisation and assists learners in adding value by creating good customer relations, assessing risks and applying professional ethics.

Road Transport Supervision

This programme provides knowledge and applied competence in components such as transport logistics operations, implementation of routing and scheduling, principles of road transport management, marketing strategies, decision making and problem solving to manage the transportation of passengers or freight that is applicable in operating successfully in a road transport logistics environment.

Freight Handling

We specialise in learnerships that are aligned primarily to the Transport Sector (TETA) and Wholesale and Retail Sector (W&RSETA).