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Finance for non-financial managers

The purpose of this short learning programme is to introduce you to the need for financial literacy on the part of supervisors and managers. You will develop your ability to interpret
financial reports, to apply basic financial techniques to business operations, and to understand the essential indicators of the financial position of the business.

DIGLIT – Digital Literacy

Computer and digital literacy skills

The purpose of this short learning programme is to introduce you to main theories, applications, software and components of Computer and Digital Literacy.

Production and Operations Management

This short learning programme introduces learners to the fundamental operations management terminologies, functions, strategies, and principles.

Fleet Management

Fleet management short learning programme

This short course is aimed at people employed in the fleet management and leasing industry, as well as any individual responsible for the administration and management of vehicle fleets in the private and public sector that interacts with leasing and fleet management service providers.

Wholesale and Retail Operations

This learnership is designed to provide the necessary skills and abilities for people working in various wholesale and retail operations functions. The learner will be able to complete basic business functions, learn to interact with customers and solve problems, as well as plan their own self-development.

Road Transport Supervision

This learnership provides a bridging opportunity for individuals wishing to pursue a career in road transport operations and management and enables the learner to pursue more advanced levels of study in this specific field.

Supply Chain Practitioner

This qualification provides the required knowledge, practical skills and workplace based learning experience to prepare a learner to operate as a supply chain practitioner.

Access programme

Course outcomes Upon successful completion of the OLG Access Programme: Students can apply for the Higher Certificate in Logistics Management Students can apply for the Higher Certificate in Procurement Management