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Finance for non-financial Managers

The purpose of this short learning programme is to introduce you to the need for financial literacy on the part of supervisors and managers. You will develop your ability to interpret
financial reports, to apply basic financial techniques to business operations, and to understand the essential indicators of the financial position of the business.

DIGLIT – Digital Literacy

Programme Curriculum Upon completion of this short learning programme, you will: learn basic computer terminology; execute basic operations on a computer; understand operating systems; understand the concept of and utilise the internet and World Wide Web; understand and utilise e-mail and other online communication methods; and understand and utilise productivity programmes such as Microsoft Office […]

Production and Operations Management

This short learning programme introduces learners to the fundamental operations management terminologies, functions, strategies, and principles.

Fleet Management

This short course is aimed at people employed in the fleet management and leasing industry, as well as any individual responsible for the administration and management of vehicle fleets in the private and public sector that interacts with leasing and fleet management service providers.