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Short Learning Programme

Cyber Security

The same devices that can make your life more convenient and assist you to do your job may make it more vulnerable if they possess sensitive personal and company information. Think: computer viruses, ransomware, identity theft, and a lot more.
Knowledge is power, and staff awareness of cyber threats is valuable in the cyber security puzzle. Giving you training on the fundamentals of computer security is critical in raising awareness about industry best practices, organisational procedures and policies, monitoring, and reporting suspicious, malicious activities. Staying aware of and protecting against new cybersecurity threats as they appear can be overwhelming. With millions of hackers working around the clock to develop new attack strategies more quickly than companies can update their defences, even the most well-fortified cybersecurity system can’t provide guaranteed protection against attacks. The purpose of this short learning programme is to provide participants with an overview and orientation to cyber security awareness, an equips them with five key aspects of cyber security awareness.
Commitment of 4 hours per week over 2 weeks. This short learning programme must be completed within a maximum of six months.
Admission Requirements
Option A: Admission is open to anyone that is required to work with computer software in the workplace and can complete the course in English. Available for purchase as a group licence for commercial clients. Option B: This short learning programme is bundled with the OLG Digital Literacy short learning programme.

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Please note that prospective learner who does not meet the admission requirement can apply to the Registrar for possible recognition of prior learning.


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