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Short Learning Programme

DIGLIT - Digital Literacy

The purpose of this short learning programme is to introduce you to main theories, applications, software and components of Computer and Digital Literacy. Upon completion of this module you should possess the knowledge and skills to complete practical tasks, do internet searches and communicate effectively online, whether for studies or work, using a personal computer. You will also learn about cyber security awareness, and become equipped with five key aspects of cyber security awareness.

Programme Curriculum

Upon completion of this short learning programme, you will:

  • learn basic computer terminology;
  • execute basic operations on a computer;
  • understand operating systems;
  • understand the concept of and utilise the internet and World Wide Web;
  • understand and utilise e-mail and other online communication methods; and
  • understand and utilise productivity programmes such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • be aware of cyber security concerns.
  • equipped with five key aspects of cyber security awareness.
Commitment of 8 hours per week over 12 weeks. This short learning programme must be completed within a maximum of six months.
Admission Requirements
Learner should be able to take the course in English.
Register and start the programme any time.

There are no credits associated with this programme, but your certificate of completion can be included in your portfolio of evidence for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for consideration when accessing a full qualification.

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Please note that prospective learner who does not meet the admission requirement can apply to the Registrar for possible recognition of prior learning.


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