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Short Learning Programme

Fleet Management

This short course is aimed at people employed in the fleet management and leasing industry, as well as any individual responsible for the administration and management of vehicle fleets in the private and public sector that interacts with leasing and fleet management service providers.
  • Identify the fundamental principles of Fleet Management with reference to the automotive sector, legal and regulatory aspects of vehicle ownership and operation, the fleet management cycle and fleet policies.
  • Describe fleet management as it relates to different sectors of the economy, the impact of external environmental factors on fleet management, and the use of technology and systems in fleet management.
  • Discuss concepts related to fleet spend management such as total cost of ownership, finance options, maintenance contracts, fuel management, fleet administration and vehicle disposal.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various aspects of fleet contract management including developing contracts with clients, contract administration and tendering.
  • Describe how delivering outcomes such as vehicle sourcing, competitive pricing, value added products and effective contract management relate to performance management.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of metrics and measurement concepts such as effective fleet management, delivering value for money and measuring the performance of contracts.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of aspects related to ethical conduct in vehicle leasing industry, such as the impact of ethics and responsible procurement on business success, the application of the SAVRALA Code of Conduct in fleet management and the application of the SAVRALA Fair Wear and Tear Guide.
Self-paced online course: 30 hours learning time. •
Admission Requirements
Learner should be able to take the course in English.

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