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Short Learning Programme

Fundamental Purchasing Management

NQF Level: 5

Duration: 3 days or 6 Months – Option 1: Three-Day Contact Sessions These sessions can be done in-house at a company and allows: Three days of focused contact sessions that offer a compact, yet value-filled approach to the area of learning Flexibility: contact sessions can be offered at your company premises Training from industry experts that includes practical, on-the-job/real-time advice Option 2: Six Months Distance Learning Once registered for the SLP, students will receive login details to the Student Portal where they can access their material electronically. Study material will also be sent to students and they will be notified of contact sessions where they will interact with facilitators. Students must be able to access the Internet in order to access Moodle, OLG’s online learning platform.
Purchasing management in the logistics and supply chain environment involves the development, evaluation and implementation of purchasing principles.
This programme will suit an individual who wants to enhance his or her fundamental knowledge on how purchasing can contribute to value creation in a supply chain environment.

After successful completion of this short learning programme, you will be able to:

  • Undertake research on cost analysis and explain what it is comprised of
  • Understand the different purchasing services in a supply chain
  • Understand global supply management and the competition surrounding purchasing
  • Build and manage a negotiating team to successfully negotiate areas relating to purchasing
  • Apply and understand the ethical and professional standards of purchasing/procurement in a supply chain
Admission Requirements
You must be able to communicate effectively using English in written and/or oral form. There are no further admission requirements for self-enrichment programmes.

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Please note: Prospective students over 23 years of age who do not meet the minimum requirements could apply to the Registrar for possible admission through Recognition of Prior Learning or gain approval to complete the OLG Higher Education Access Modules


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