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Short Learning Programme

Intermediate Supply Chain Management

NQF Level: 6

Duration: 3 DAYS OR 6 MONTHS
Successful logistics and supply chain management is based on sound development, evaluation and implementation of logistic and supply chain principles.
This short learning programme will suit managers who want to develop knowledge and skills in areas such as managing supply chain relations; performance measurements and financial analysis; demand management; transportation management; network designs and facility location; managing reverse flow in the supply chain; strategic challenges; and change. This short learning programme (SLP) will benefit individuals who: want to upskill themselves in a specific area in the logistics and supply chain industry want to study but have time constraints need to sharpen their workplace skills in a specific area

After successful completion of this short learning programme, you will be able to:

  • Identify factors that need to be included in total cost when making global sourcing decisions
  • Define uncertainties that are particularly relevant when designing global supply chains
  • Explain different strategies that may be used to mitigate risk in global supply chains
  • Understand decision tree methodologies used to evaluate supply chain design decisions and uncertainty
  • Identify the decisions that are best solved by aggregate planning
  • Discuss the importance of aggregate planning as a supply chain activity
  • Describe the information needed to produce an aggregate plan
  • Explain the trade-offs to consider when creating an aggregate plan
  • Manage supply to improve synchronisation in a supply chain in the face of predictable variability
Admission Requirements
Fundamental knowledge and/or experience is a prerequisite for this intermediate programme.

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