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Vision and Mission


To be the leading provider of independent, employable, entrepreneurial thinkers who create personal and economic value for themselves and for society


To be an innovative, industry-lead learning partner providing accessible, market-responsive, quality, accredited qualifications in Further Education and in Higher Education.

OLG Values:

1. Leadership & Entrepreneurial Spirit

See ourselves as Co-owners of this business
Take the lead – you are not just an employee (regardless of position)
Create value for ALL
Seek out new revenue streams

2. Teamwork & Collaboration

Grow & Celebrate together
Need for accountability by the business and individual for both business & personal growth
Share knowledge and expertise through coaching and mentoring
Servant leadership (humble, considerate, helpful)

3. Believe in transformation, Innovation and doing everything with excellence

Make a meaningful contribution, serve with excellence
Seek new and better ways of doing business
Remain accessible to our internal & external stakeholders
Project driven – Innovation *Germany/ FET/TVET/VOCATIONAL

4. Act with integrity, respect & care

Do the right thing even when no-one is watching
Accountability to parents and students (clients)
Accountability to our regulators
Accountability to INTERNAL stakeholders
Perpetuate a respectful and caring culture

5. BE passionate

About the impact we make through Education
Align your purpose with the vision of the business
Business Growth & Contribution to Society