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Short Learning Programme

Production and Operations Management

This short learning programme introduces learners to the fundamental operations management terminologies, functions, strategies, and principles.
It will give you a high-level knowledge of operations design, demand management, capacity management, aggregate planning, master scheduling, inventory management, just-in-time systems (JIT), material requirements planning (MRP), supply chain management, project management, total quality management (TQM), maintenance management, continuous improvement, ergonomics, safety management, occupational hygiene, and service quality.
  • Introduction and strategic contribution of Production and Operations Management Understand the concepts related to Production and Operations Management strategy for competitiveness, innovation and being part in next industrial revolution
  • Design aspects of Production and Operations Management Explain the principles of Production and Operations Management design, process types, layout types, workflow, product design and job design
  • Planning and control aspects of Production and Operations Management Understand the principles and concepts of demand and capacity, inventory management, MRP, ERP, JIT and supply chain planning and control
  • Improving Production and Operations Management Describe the fundamentals of quality management, TQM, POM maintenance, continuous improvement and TQS for service quality excellence
Commitment of 12 hours per week over 12 weeks.
Admission Requirements
Learner should be able to take the course in English

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