National Certificate: Wholesale And Retail Operations Specialising In Forecourt Supervision

This programme serves to provide the wholesale and retail sectors with employees that can perform the operation functions to industry standards, optimise productivity and improve service levels.

This programme is developed around a planned combination of learning outcomes that will provide learners with the knowledge and applied competence in wholesale and retail operations on a formal route to acquiring operational skills in the wholesale and retail sector.

admission requirements

Learners who wish to enrol for this programme are assumed to be in possession of Mathematical Numeracy and Communication skills at NQF Level 1.

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What can Students Expect?
1 - 2 years

This programme can be completed over a minimum duration of one year and a maximum of two.

Contact sessions will provide the learner with the interpersonal support for the learning to take place. Furthermore, a workplace component will allow the learner to apply knowledge learnt in a workplace environment.

Course Outcomes

While the qualifying learners will experience personal growth and development, workplace succession planning will be more readily achieved after this programme is completed. The learner will be exposed to the following learning areas:

  • Explaining the flow of stock and sales through a wholesale/retail operation
  • Prioritising personal and team tasks
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the concept of shrinkage and losses within a wholesale and retail environment
  • Creating positive customer perceptions
  • Understanding the relationship between the bottom line of a business and the factors that will impact on it
  • Explaining how own job can impact on the bottom line of a business
  • Measuring, estimating, and calculating physical quantities in practical situations
  • Using simple and compound interest to make sense of and define a variety of situations
  • Using a variety of strategies to deal with potential conflict in a team or group